Awards will be given out at each Lost Fox activity as well as each year at the Big Adventure.


Camping Award: Camp outdoors 8 nights in a year (sleep under the stars for 4 of those nights – try to sleep without a pillow to see if you can do it!).

Athletics Award: Find a new sport you would like to learn and practice at that sport for 40 hours.

Literature Award: Read 5 books, then travel to the setting where one of the books took place. (Example: read Beezus and Ramona, then visit Portland, OR, or read Tom Sawyer and visit the Mississippi).

Arts & Music Award: Create a portfolio of artworks and put on an art show for other Lost Fox club members or practice songs and have a recital for other club members (or do both!).


Travel Awards: 

Copper Medal: Travel using four different types of transportation. Must go more than 250 miles using each form of transportation.

Bronze Medal: Accomplish the requirements for the Copper Medal, but do so either traveling to, or within, a foreign country.

Silver Medal: Visit ten countries in the Northern Hemisphere, and visit ten countries within the Southern Hemisphere. You must camp overnight at each destination!

Gold Medal: Travel to, and camp overnight in, every continent on earth.

Athletics Awards:

Copper Medal: Spend 500 hours engaged in any sport (practice, hobby, competition, etc.). Record your hours in a log book.

Bronze Medal: Spend 200 hours engaged in each of four different types of sports (e.g., ball sports, water sports, extreme sports, endurance sports).

Silver Medal: Travel to three foreign countries. While in each country, spend 20 hours learning a sport that either originated in or is very popular there.

Gold Medal: Spend 5,000 hours practicing one sport, bringing you halfway to mastery of that sport.

Art & Music Awards:

Copper Medal: Spend 500 hours engaged in making art (painting, drawing, playing an instrument, sculpting, writing, etc.). Record your hours in a log book.

Bronze Medal: Spend 200 hours engaged in producing art in four different mediums.

Silver Medal: Travel to ten different countries and visit an art museum, attend a concert, or play in each country.

Gold Medal: Spend 5,000 hours engaged in one particular art form, bringing you halfway to mastery of that art form.

Literature Awards:

Copper Medal: Read 5,000 pages of any type of literature.

Bronze Medal: Read three novels from five different writing genres (15 novels in total).

Silver Medal: Read 5,000 pages of fiction and 5,000 pages of non-fiction on any topic of your choosing.

Gold Medal: Read 10 books or stories and then travel to the settings of those books or stories.